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The Best App for Tracking your Heart Rate
Best Fitness App for Apple Watch
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The Best Fitness App for Tracking Heart Rate Zones

Our mobile apps, using standard Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitors, record workouts and send them automatically to their coach. The workout is also shared on club leaderboards and an internal bulletin board to help motivate others to exercise more often. Our Apps are free to use. 

If you have an Apple Watch, simply download the iOS App and go into the Apple Watch App and enable HRM Fit Club.

If you are using a Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitor, install our free app from your app store and connect it to your Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitor. We currently support these popular Heart Rate Monitors: Polar H10 & OH1, CooSpo H6, Scosche Rhythm24, Wahoo TICKR FIT, Whoop 4.0 and most Heart Rate Monitors used at BestHour Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness and iLoveKickboxing. If you’re unsure if your existing Bluetooth device will work, please download the free app and see if HRM Fit Club recognizes your heart rate monitor.  Please contact support if you have any questions. 

These Apps are FREE to use and have no in-app purchases. This full featured app is totally free to use. Enjoy!