The Best Heart Rate Fitness Tracker for iPhone, Android & Apple Watch

The Best Fitness Tracker App for Heart Rate Monitoring on iPhone, Android, & Apple Watch

Discover the ultimate heart rate tracking experience with HRM Fit Club. We’re the leading app for monitoring heart rate and enhancing your fitness journey on all major platforms – iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

Using HRM Fit Club's mobile app on Android for real-time heart rate tracking
Best Fitness App for Apple Watch
HRM Fit Club Apple Watch Workout
The Best Fitness App for Tracking Heart Rate Zones

The Premium Heart Rate Monitoring App for Apple Watch

Experience seamless integration with your Apple Watch through HRM Fit Club. Our app stands as the best fitness tool for tracking heart rate zones and personalizing workouts. Download the iOS app and empower your Apple Watch with real-time heart rate tracking, workout analysis, and customized coaching insights.

Boost Your Motivation and Connect with the HRM Fit Club Community

HRM Fit Club’s mobile apps foster a thriving fitness community. Our app syncs with standard Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors to record workouts and provide real-time feedback to your coach. Progress updates are shared via club leaderboards and internal bulletins, motivating you and your peers to maintain consistent exercise routines. Enjoy these community features with our free apps.

Enhance Your Workouts with Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

If you’re using a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, our free app connects effortlessly. We currently support leading brands such as Polar H10 & OH1, CooSpo H6, Scosche Rhythm24, Wahoo TICKR FIT, Whoop 4.0, and most monitors utilized by popular fitness studios like Orange Theory Fitness and iLoveKickboxing. Download the free app to verify your heart rate monitor compatibility, and reach out to our support team if you have any queries.

Download the Full-Featured HRM Fit Club App for Free

Experience the transformative power of HRM Fit Club without any hidden fees or in-app purchases. Embark on your enhanced fitness journey by downloading our app today!

These Apps are FREE to use and have no in-app purchases. This full featured app is totally free to use. Enjoy!