Coach at a deeper by plugging into to your athletes heart beat. See their workout intensity, calories burned and zone times. Your athletes will value your coaching and feedback more than ever. Even when they are training alone, they will not feel alone. After each workout their results are tabulated and posted a club leaderboard to fire-up your athletes to push through barriers. 

Leveling the Fitness Playing Field

The effort is different for all of us and can’t be measured by calorie burn alone. When we exercise, we should be rewarded for our effort and the intensity we put in. We reward HRM Zone points based on how high your heart rate is in relation to your maximum heart rate. 

Each zone is worth a different number of points and can be configured at the club level. The harder you work, the more you earn. Instant feedback tells you when to ease off or step up as you enter each zone. Zone points transform average workouts into a game with motivation and engagement guaranteed.

Forget hiding at the back, we’re stronger together, sharing the experience.