Tools for gym owners, fitness professionals and personal trainers to re-engage former members, retain members and attract new clients to your gym


HRM Fit Club is a 2-year old project created by fitness business owners for fitness professionals. During COVID, they created an app their clients could use with their existing Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitors used when the studio was open. Now the same leaderboards clients enjoyed in the studio could be created when his clients exercised via Zoom or using their on-demand kickboxing programs from home. 

During the first two years of the launch of HRM Fit Club, we saw the true potential of the HRM Fit Club Platform to help re-engage clients who left his locations, retain existing clients, and attract new clients to be a catalyst to grow his membership. Now the platform is being made available to other gym owners and fitness professionals free of charge while we continue to evolve the platform to be the ultimate fitness community application to keep people connected both in and outside the walls of our locations.  


The best way to engage with former fitness clients

HRM Fit Club will enable you to stay connected with former clients and enable them to stay connected with the friends they have made!


We all accumulate names and emails of people in our communities who try our fitness facilities and then for whatever reason, discontinue their membership. Now you can funnel former members into your private HRM Fit Club and engage them to record their workouts and post their results to remain engaged with the friends they made in your facilities.

We’ve found this is a great way to keep former members connected to our fitfam which leads to them returning to our facilities because they miss their friends or purchasing a drop-in or punch card, helping bring lost revenue back into our locations. 

Former members will meet for mud runs, spartan races & 5k’s when invited. Create a leaderboard for the activity and encourage them to grab their heart rate monitor to earn points for the leaderboard. Now you have a fully engaged Former member you can incentivize them to come back for a drop-in, which often leads to a re-join. 


HRM Fit Club was born during COVID as a tool to engage clients outside the studio/gym. For our clients, everything resolves around the free HRM Fit Club app available for both iOS and Android and utilizing their existing Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors or Apple Watch for recording their workout intensity. 

It’s much more that knowing if someone worked out! HRM Fit Club reports their intensity and effort. You’ll know how many minutes they spent in each of the heart rate zones. What is especially cool is Coaches can monitor workout intensity in REAL TIME, even if you’re training over Zoom or they leave the gym to go for a run outside. 

Your clients can then share their workout and sweaty selfie in your private community within the HRM Fit Club app or on social networks like Facebook, IG or TikTok where their friends can cheer their efforts.  Each completed workout also gets posted to leaderboards where your clients can compete for swag, prizes or simply bragging rights. 


Fitness Activity Leaderboards to retain fitness clients

HRM Fit Club allows you to create rich leaderboards by the day, week or month as a motivational tool to encourage workouts.


Attract New Members to your gym

HRM Fit Club is a community builder that fitness professionals use to attract people who exercise and desire to be apart of a fitfam!

Connect with people who exercise. Build your own fitness community.

A lot of people exercise every single day in your communities. For the first time, fitness professionals have a tool to connect with people regardless of their activity (walking, running, skating, cycling, etc.) in their neighborhoods by hosting their own HRM Fit Club in their city.

We connect people through activities and by encouraging them to participate in leaderboard. All  they need is an Apple Watch or Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor and our free HRM Fit Club App. A lot of people have HRM devices from Orange Theory or iLoveKickboxing which all work with our app. We support any heart rate devices that use Bluetooth. 

This is a great way to build a city-wide fitness family to support your brand and coaching services, that will lead people to your business.  We’ve found a lot of people may not respond to our offer to try a workout, yet they will respond to our offer to connect with other people in their city who workout. 

HRM Fit Club has a growth mindset. Proven growth strategies for gym owners.

HRM Fit Club was developed by a multi-location fitness kickboxing owner to help engage his members when they are not in his locations. It has added a new dimension to classes over Zoom, as our trainers can now see exactly what heart rate zone they’re in and can push them over Zoom to work harder. In addition, when clients work out using our vast library of on-demand pre-recorded workouts, clients use HRM Fit Club to be held accountable to our coaches. It’s a win-win for our coaches and clients by providing accountability and recognition into our processes.

We’ve found that people would prefer to belong to one fitfam! We have seen it again and again, people leave our studios and then return because they miss their friends. HRM Fit Club makes this so much easier than simply blasting emails, text messages and posting in a private VIP Group. Former members return for drop-ins, punch cards and monthly memberships, which makes using HRM Fit Club in our studios a no brainer. 

Now we’re making it possible for fitness professionals to use HRM Fit Club for free. Simply join our beta and help us make it better. It only costs you a little time and effort. 


HRM Fit Club will help fitness professions attract, retain, re-engage and grow their business

HRM Fit Club was designed by fitness professions for fitness professions.  In-Studio, Zoom and Remote workouts drive growth.