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Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? We’ve got exciting news for you! HRM Fit Club is thrilled to introduce you to Prestige Labs supplements. These elite products are designed for those who refuse to settle for less and are ready to unlock their full potential.

The Power of Supplements: Taking supplements can help you get the results you want, faster. While they can’t fix a bad nutrition program, they can strategically enhance your performance and progress. At HRM Fit Club, we’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of high-quality supplements.

Our Journey to Prestige Labs: Our quest for the best led us to Prestige Labs. After talking with supplement companies and top gym owners throughout 2021, we selected Prestige Labs as our partner. Prestige Labs stood out for its unwavering commitment to quality and effective, scientifically-backed formulations.

Quality and Quality Assurance: Prestige Labs supplements are developed by Dr. Trevor Kashey, a genius bodybuilder coach, chemist, and Olympic advisor for nutrition and supplementation. These products are created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility, where every batch is tested for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages.

The Logic Behind the Blends: Prestige Labs’ products are backed by scientific research. Dr. Kashey has personally tested over 3,000 ingredients to formulate the most effective blends possible. When you visit their website, you can watch videos of Dr. Kashey explaining the thought process behind each product.

We’re keen to see you succeed in your fitness journey, and so we’ve teamed up with Prestige Labs to offer their high-quality supplements at a considerable discount, saving you about 40% off the regular price when you use this link. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of ineffective supplements that simply result in expensive bathroom trips, right? Prestige Labs stands out in that their products are pharmaceutical grade, so what you see on the label is exactly what you get.

And here’s the kicker – as we see you progress and achieve your fitness goals, we believe your transformation will inspire those around you to follow suit. This communal growth and success is what we aspire for, so we don’t hesitate to share our discount benefits. Plus, our staff vouch for these products as they’re users themselves and pay the exact same price. 😀

Allow us to shed some light on these products with insights and ‘hacks’ we’ve gained over the past couple of years.

  1. Prestige’s ingredients are of top-tier quality. If you happen to experience any side effects, consider dialing down the dosage – yes, it’s okay to take a single tablet instead of two or three.

  2. The Pre:Step 1 Pre Workout should ideally be consumed 20 minutes before class. However, a pro-tip if you’re not feeling up to it – take it 45 to 60 minutes prior, and it’ll help shift your mindset and get you geared up for some kickboxing.

  3. INTRA (Post Workout) should be taken promptly after your kickboxing session. You can divide it across two bottles of water for optimal hydration, which can help ward off muscle soreness.

  4. Sleep Multiplier, unlike conventional sleep aids, eases your muscles to help you fall asleep faster. By enhancing the recovery process, you’ll wake up feeling less sore.

  5. Cravings for sugar, carbs, and alcohol can often derail fat burning. By incorporating PRESTIGE HEAT (Formerly Burn AM) And PRESTIGE CRUSH (Formerly Burn PM) into your daily routine, you can gain better control over these cravings and allow your body to use fat as a fuel source instead. If you only want to try one of these formulas, start with Prestige Crush as take it immediately following dinner.

  6. Protein is crucial for muscle repair. To ensure sufficient protein intake, we recommend adding a protein shake post-workout. We found most of our clients didn’t eat enough protein, we recommend .8 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.

  7. Don’t shy away from testosterone boosters, ladies! TEST STORM, in particular, has shown great results in promoting lean muscle development. Men, as testosterone levels peak around 20, it’s beneficial to supplement this. This is our most popular product for our female clients for speeding up muscle toning. 

  8. Our daily diets often fail to provide all necessary vitamins. This is where Prestige Labs steps in with their high-quality, exercise-specific vitamin blends.

Remember, you can create your own supplement bundle (buy 3 get 1 free) using the coupon code GL4E. For more details on each product, feel free to explore the product videos on Prestige’s website. Our team is also more than happy to guide you based on their personal experiences. 

Bonus Hack: Having trouble trimming down your alcohol consumption? We’ve got a neat trick up our sleeves for you.

After finishing your dinner, take 3 PM FORMULA tablets with 8oz of water and then head out for a brisk 15-minute walk. If you have a furry friend, this is the perfect chance for a mini stroll together. Once you’re back home, we bet you’ll find the urge for that glass of wine or after-dinner drink has magically vanished. Not only does this hack deter you from post-dinner snacking, but it also helps extend the gap between meals, a key principle of what we call “intermittent fasting”. Be sure to look this term up for more information, it’s a game-changer!