Top Heart Rate Monitors Compatible with HRM Fit Club

Heart Rate Monitors for HRM Fit Club

Discover the top Bluetooth heart rate monitors compatible with HRM Fit Club and elevate your fitness game by tracking your workout intensity with precision. 💪 Over the last several years, we’ve seen great advances in fitness trackers and Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors. The latest Bluetooth 5.x delivered increased speed and extended range. HRM Fit Club works with most Bluetooth v4+ heart rate devices. In this article, we’ll recommend our favorite heart rate devices, including one in each style category (chest, wrist, and wearables).

  1. Chest Strap Style: Polar H10 The versatile, comfortable, and highly accurate Polar H10 is one of the best heart rate monitors money can buy. Pros: Accurate readings in testing, comfortable, good battery life, and waterproof. The snap-on sensor is smaller and thinner, the strap has a new buckle that’s easier to adjust and put on, and the inside features electrodes and silicone dots to prevent slippage.

  2. Armband Style: Wahoo TICKR and Scosche’s Rhythm24 armband heart rate monitor are a welcome alternative to chest straps. The Rhythm24 is an upgrade to the Rhythm+, featuring an LED that glows different colors as you reach different heart rate zones. Wahoo TICKR is another excellent armband option with increased battery life, more storage, and a slimmer design. Both devices provide comfortable and accurate heart rate monitoring.

  3. Wearable Style: WHOOP Fitness Tracker The WHOOP Fitness Tracker is a wrist-based device that accurately tracks your heart rate and provides personalized feedback on your recovery, strain, and sleep. With its sleek design and advanced features, WHOOP is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts. To get a FREE Whoop Device and your first month FREE from Whoop to HRM Fit Club athletes, check here.

  4. Wrist Watch Style: Apple Watch (Series 4 or higher) Apple Watch Series 4 or higher is a popular option for heart rate monitoring. Use the HRM Fit Club companion app designed for the Apple Watch to start, stop, and pause your workout activity right from the watch, without needing your iPhone nearby. 

By choosing one of these top Bluetooth heart rate monitors compatible with HRM Fit Club, you can optimize your workouts and track your progress with ease. Be sure to check out our Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor Buyers Guide for more details.

Download HRM Fit Club from Google Play or the App Store, connect it to your Bluetooth device (or Apple Watch), complete an activity, and see how many minutes you spent in each heart rate zone. Experience the benefits of heart rate zone training with HRM Fit Club today!

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