The Gamification of Every Heart Beat

We work with Fitness Professionals who want to coach their clients to a higher level by incorporating their Heart Rate Monitors into the coaching system.

Coaches can track workouts anywhere (Parks, On Zoom, At Home, The Gym and in the studio).

Clients can compete for prizes, swag or just bragging rights. Use the power of the community to motivate people to get moving.

Client Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Utilizing Mobile Phone and Bluetooth technology, the clients of our Club managers receive a private invitation to join the club’s fitness community. These client’s connect their Heart Rate Monitors to the mobile app, where the workout is recorded and shared with their coaches and other members of their club.

Club managers can build Leaderboards for any time period and construct the competition to be based on calories or time spent in various heart rate zones (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red).  Clients can also cheer each other on in their own private community within the app, or share it on any social media channel. 

Do you own a Heart Rate Monitor?
Please try our app!

Heart Rate Monitors - Chest and Arm

HRM Fit Club was designed to work with any Fitness Heart Rate Monitor device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 or later. 

In Development

The team is busy working on the next phase of software development that focuses on better tools for coaches and personal trainers. 

Check out what is coming next!

See your client’s current heart rate, zone and calories burned during your Zoom classes. This enables the coach to see their energy level in real time.

Coaches and Clients can communicate privately through the app about their progress or use traditional SMS features on their phone. 

We'll be increasing the Beta Team soon.

We’re busy developing the next set of features in the app in order to get it ready for our commercial release later in 2021. 

We are increasing our (Free) Public beta as we get closer to our release. If you would like to help influence the direction of the product and help us test features and functionality, please add your name to our waitlist..


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