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Attract. Retain. Re-Engage. Grow.

Designed by a fitness kickboxing studio owner to find more clients, retain more clients and re-engage former clients by providing a free app for clients to use in and out of the gym to participate in activity leaderboards.

Connect with Friends through Activities

The ultimate FREE fitness app for beginners and pros to record workouts and participate in activity leaderboards. This app will motivate you to complete a workout to watch your ranking go up on the leaderboards!

Are you a gym, fitness club owner, coach or personal trainer? Join our FREE Beta Team

We’re busy developing the next set of features in order to get it ready for our commercial in the next few months. We’re looking for gym owners (Franchise owners, CrossFit, etc.), Fitness owners (Kickboxing, Cycling, etc.), Coaches and Personal Trainers who want to help us develop the ultimate app to stay connected with our clients/athletes when they are not in our facilities. This app will help you recruit new clients, retain your current clients, re-engage your former clients to ultimately reduce churn and grow your membership. 

We are increasing our (Free) Public beta as we get closer to our release. If you would like to help influence the direction of the product and help us test features and functionality, please add your name to our waitlist.


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